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Guards, soakers and blade towels oh my! Do I need them all?

A: The short answer – you sure do! Guards are used anytime your skates are on your feet but you are not on the ice. You want to take a break from skating to go to the bathroom or the concession stand? Pop on your guards to avoid chipping the blade’s top layer of chrome and steel corrosion down the line. Blade towels (which can be a chamois cloth, a dish towel or anything absorbent really) are used to wipe the ‘snow’ from the blade after skating before you put your skates away. Also make sure to wipe the mount as well to prevent the blade and screws from rusting. Soakers are put on after the skates are wiped down. They wick excess moisture from the blade in storage and act as a cushion for your blade to protect it from knocks and bumps in transport. Bonus: soakers stop you from inadvertently cutting yourself.

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