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Help! My new skates hurt!

No one looks forward to breaking in new skates as they tend to be stiff and a bit uncomfortable. However, if your skates are causing pain or blisters, I recommend you visit your skate shop and ask that the painful areas be adjusted. Experienced skate shops use a variety of tools to modify the skate to accommodate for the bones of the ankle, arch and forefoot. The process is commonly known as “punching out” the skate.

But what happens when a punch out doesn’t work? More often than not, skaters over pronate (roll inwardly with their feet) within their skates resulting in the foot and ankle leaning against the inside of the boot causing pain. Properly aligning  the foot within the skate by using an orthotic foot support specifically designed for figure skates will lift the foot from the sides of the boot and reduce any excess pressure from the painful areas. You may still need some form of punch out, but you will have your foot in the proper position and punching out of your skates should be minimal. Orthotic foot supports can also help if you are suffering from cramps in the arches.

Is the top edge of your skates rubbing excessively against your skin? Try wearing gel ankle sleeves. These sleeves are worn around your ankles, inside the skate, and extend past the top of your boot. They act as a buffer between you and the edges of the skate and provide more comfort.

Hopefully these suggestions will help eliminate any unnecessary pain and allow you to have a more enjoyable experience with your new skates!

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