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Is it okay to skate barefoot?

A: Technically, yes. Google the question and you’ll even find proponents of barefoot skating. But, we strongly recommend that you don’t! Skating is hard work and your feet are sure to sweat. The sweat will be absorbed into the lining of your boot and two things will happen: your skates will smell quicker and it will be difficult to clean, and your skates can degrade prematurely. If you skate multiple days in a row, you risk putting on a wet skate – ew! – which also speeds up the breakdown of your skates. Sensitive skin will have a hard time without the protective barrier socks provide. Blisters and chaffing are even more likely to happen if your skates are new and haven’t been broken in yet, or if you are skating in a lower quality boot. So to answer your question: it is okay to skate barefoot, but do so at your own risk.

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