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Pic Skates: A great practice tool

Pic Skates are a type of inline skate with one very important difference – they are designed to mimic figure skates.  The alignment of the wheels of a Pic Inline Skate replicates the rocker of a figure skating blade.  As a result, a Pic Skate performs like an ice skate and is an excellent off-ice training tool for figure skaters. Pic Skates can be attached directly onto your figure skate boot.

Due to the Pic Skate’s unique design, the skater is able to experience their inside, outside, and center edges; and with the frame set (frame and wheels) properly mounted to a pair of figure skating boots, virtually every maneuver and jump up through the double axle can be performed.  You can’t do hockey stops or forward T’s though.

Use them to train when off-ice or when ice simply isn’t available. If you use Pic Skates you’ll notice an increased friction because you’ll be working on hardwood surface not ice. But, this is a good thing as it will help build muscle so when you get back on the ice, you’ll be stronger for it.


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