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Competitions are so stressful, any tips on making it easier?

No doubt about it, competition season is an exciting time. The easiest way to make sure that your head is in the game is to prepare ahead of time so your big day goes off without a hitch. Keep our Competition Checklist in your skate bag and refer to it when you’re preparing for a test, competition, or exhibition. As extensive as this list is, every skater is different, you may want to make your own list and add anything else you would like to take with you.

1-2 Months Before Competition

-Make sure your skates still fit and you are not in need of replacing them before your big day. Schedule a fit check with your skate fitter to be sure 8-12 weeks
-Order your skating dress or appropriate skating attire for each skating program
-Turn in your competition application
-Make hotel and travel arrangement
-Schedule practice time

1-2 Weeks Before Competition
-Sharpen your skates!! Make it a priority!!
-Change your laces (Always a good idea before testing also!)
-Check the screws in your boots – make sure the blades are secure
-Purchase tights/socks (Pack at least 1-2 pairs of extra tights)
-Purchase extra laces to have on hand
-Polish or clean your boots
-Clean guards or get an extra set
-Make sure you have 2-3 extra copies of your music for each program and that each copy is playable

Day Before and Day of Competition: Be Sure to Pack
-Dresses, costumes, and other skating attire in a designated garment bag (Don’t forget to take it with you!)
-Skates and clean skate guards
-Competition program schedule (Memorize the time you’re scheduled to skate). Arrive 1 – 1.5 hours early or whenever your coach requests that you arrive.
-Tights, laces and hair accessories (including hairspray)
-Screwdriver for skates
-Make-up (If applicable)
-First Aid Kit and sewing kit with scissors, buttons and safety pins
-Water and healthy snacks
-Extra cash
-Camera, phone, or other recording device
-Gloves, jacket, warm pants, small blanket and change of clothes
-Your coach’s phone number
-Directions to the rink and hotel if you’re coming from out of town
-Checkbook for any payment needed at the time of the competition, including coach’s fees
-Make sure you pick up your music at the end of your event

And make sure you skate your heart out!

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