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When should I sharpen my skates?

As a general rule of thumb, every 40 hours of skate time. However, and this is a big however, every skater is different and sharpening can make or break your time on the ice. In order to set yourself up for the best performance in practice, competition or testing know how you personally react to sharpening – experienced skaters usually can tell when they need a sharpening as they feel themselves slipping. If you’re a once a week skater, you probably won’t hit your 40 hours for 8-9 months. Here are some general points to consider:

-Advanced skaters need their skates to be sharper because they need more grip on the ice for successful jumps

-Heavier skaters will need sharpening more frequently

-Skaters who are on the ice for several days a week might look to sharpen their skates every 3-4 weeks

-Certain moves and jumps will cause your blade to wear more quickly

-Certain blades are softer than others and wear more quickly

Where and by whom you get your figure skates sharpened matters. Figure skates and hockey skates shouldn’t ever be sharpened the same. While hockey blades are designed for speed, figure skating blades are designed for precision movement and jumps. Figure skating blades simply won’t be able to receive the quality of sharpening required for success on the ice if they are sharpened on a hockey sharpening machine. Look for a professional sharpener who is aware of the different styles of figure skates and how each blade is designed to function on the ice.

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