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My friend wears really cool looking ice skates with an awesome looking blade. He is a higher level than me, but I want a pair. Should I buy them?

“The wand chooses the wizard, Mr. Potter.” -Mr. Ollivander

I like to jokingly say that the skates choose the skater, but the truth isn’t far off. Some skaters fit effortlessly into Jackson’s, others Riedell, others SP Teri and so forth. What works for one skater might not work for another.

There are several factors that a professional skate fitter or skate technician will assess when fitting a boot: the age of the skater, the skater’s foot shape, the level of the skater, the amount of skate time the boot will be subjected to on a weekly/monthly basis, whether the skater has biomechanical issues that need to be accounted for (like high arches, flat feet, pronation, etc.) and the list goes on.

The sheer number of considerations that accompany choosing the appropriate skate should convince you that a skater’s boots are a highly individualized product. As cool as your friend’s ice skates look, they might be totally wrong for you.

My suggestion, as always, is to be fit by an experienced skate fitter who understands the anatomy of the foot and the demands placed on the body by the sport of figure skating. Ask yourself if you are doing well in your existing skates…maybe you already have the best skate for you and a change might set you back. It’s great that your friend is doing well, but let the experts help you decide on your optimal skate.

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