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Help! Christmas/Hanukah is around the corner and I need a gift quick!

Looking for some last minute stocking stuffers for the skater in your life? Here are five great ideas that are sure to be a hit and all are under $35:

  1. Gloves: Plain practice wear gloves are always a practical gift. They even come pre-bedazzled for the sparkles lover!
  2. Microfiber towel: It’s the most effective fabric to wipe down the blade after skating and it is leagues better than the kitchen towel they’ve been using.
  3. Proper skating socks: Resembling knee high pantyhose for the uninitiated, the proper skating socks make a difference in the fit of the boot and are thin enough for the foot to really feel the inside of the boot when skating.
  4. Stink-eez: They look like fabric fish, but they’re full of nice smelling desiccants that will take the odor out of your skater’s boots AND look cute while doing it.
  5. Rockerz: Most skaters have a basic pair of guards. Why not treat them with a pair of customizable Rockerz this holiday season?

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