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Practice dresses, testing dresses, competition dresses, oh my!

As you advance in figure skating there will be several opportunities for you to flaunt your skills. Testing and competition are two such arenas for you to show judges what you’ve been working on. Of course, presenting yourself well is part of both events.

Practice dresses are exactly what they sound like. Usually, though not always, long sleeved, practice dresses are made to be warm as the skater gets used to practicing their routine with a dress on. As a general rule, competition dresses are chosen to reflect the program’s music and are often much more extravagant, often coming adorned with crystals.

Testing dresses are much more conservative in nature. Traditionally a plain, black dress has been worn but any dark hued and simple dress will do. Some judges will allow a nice pair of black pants to be worn and a simple top in lieu of a dress, especially if the rink is very cold. Be sure to check before the day of so you’re aware of the dress code.

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