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Patti Larkin is a professional figure skating instructor and a retired Licensed Certified Orthotist.. Referred to by some of her customers as “The Skate Whisperer,” Patti has been skating personally for over 35 years and has over 15 years of experience as a professional figure skating instructor. During that time, she has participated in many USFSA and ISI competitions as a participant, coach, and judge. As a result, she is intimately familiar with the needs and requirements of today’s skaters in terms of blades, skates, and apparel.

In addition to Patti’s extensive background in skating, she is a Certified Orthotist with 20 years of experience in the Orthotic branch of medical and bio-mechanical science. During her career as an Orthotist, Patti worked with both children and adults experiencing a variety of health issues. Oftentimes, she was required to design custom foot orthoses created to address problems related specifically to the patient’s feet. In addition to orthotics, Patti also designed and fit orthopedic braces for patients that often improved their mobility and/or ability to walk.

Today, Patti has combined her experience in the skating community with her bio-mechanical knowledge of the body to professionally evaluate and fit both beginning and advanced skaters in the most appropriate figure skates for their individual needs. She has been endorsed by Riedell Shoes, Inc., Jackson Ultima, SPTeri Inc., and Harlick Skating Boots as a certified boot and blade fitter.  In addition, her coaching experience contributes to her knowledge regarding the intricate requirements of each individual skater.

Patti has established herself as one of the best and most knowledgeable skate fitters in the business. Competitive figure skaters from across the nation as well as internationally come to her for personalized skate fittings and troubleshooting issues.